Date Article Author
   5/12/16 LIGHTFAIR® International 2016 Was Largest Trade Show to Date and Broke West Coast Attendance Record Lisa Bokovoy
   4/27/16 LIGHTFAIR® International 2016 Celebrates All That’s New and Next in Lighting and Design in San Diego Lisa Bokovoy
   4/20/16 LIGHTFAIR® International 2016 Opens April 24 in San Diego to Reveal Light and Technology in a New Language Lisa Bokovoy
   3/14/16 LIGHTFAIR® International 2016 Keynotes and Impact Speaker Will Share Inspiration and Vision for the Future Lisa Bokovoy
   2/18/16 LIGHTFAIR® International Creates a Global Dialogue with New Networking Opportunities Lisa Bokovoy
   1/21/16 LIGHTFAIR® International Offers Its First-Ever IoT & Smart Lighting Forum Lisa Bokovoy
   11/16/15 Experience Brilliant Knowledge and New Features at LIGHTFAIR® International’s Largest Conference Lisa Bokovoy
   10/20/15 Light and Technology in a New Language at LIGHTFAIR® International 2016 Lisa Bokovoy
   8/17/15 LIGHTFAIR® International 2017 Will Take Place in Philadelphia Lisa Bokovoy
   8/13/15 LIGHTFAIR® International 2016 Call for Speakers: Global Invitation to Experts in Diverse Disciplines Lisa Bokovoy
   6/1/15 LIGHTFAIR® International 2015 Breaks All Records Lisa Bokovoy
   5/5/15 LIGHTFAIR® International 2015 Celebrates All That’s New and Next in Lighting and Design in New York Lisa Bokovoy
   4/9/15 LIGHTFAIR® International 2015 Delivers a 5-Day Event That Uncovers the Future of Lighting & Design Solutions and Knowledge Lisa Bokovoy
   2/19/15 LIGHTFAIR® International 2015 Hosts Networking Events, Awards Presentation and Celebration of the International Year of Light Lisa Bokovoy
   1/28/15 LIGHTFAIR® International 2015 Keynotes & Impact Speakers Create Unparalleled Educational and Inspirational Experience Lisa Bokovoy
   12/16/14 LIGHTFAIR® International 2015 Stages Global Connection for Integrated Design Lisa Bokovoy
   11/13/14 LIGHTFAIR® International 2015 Conference Introduces Controls Forum and New Course Lengths Lisa Bokovoy
   8/11/14 LIGHTFAIR® International 2015 Call for Speakers: Global Invitation to Experts in Diverse Disciplines Lisa Bokovoy
   7/2/14 LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 Breaks All Records Lisa Bokovoy
   6/4/14 LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 Celebrates Innovative Products and Design in Las Vegas Lisa Bokovoy
   5/27/14 LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 Opens Its Doors to the Largest Event in Its 25-Year History Lisa Bokovoy
   5/21/14 LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation and Connects Global Industry Professionals Lisa Bokovoy
   4/21/14 LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 Keynote and Impact Speakers Span Multiple Facets of Lighting and Design Lisa Bokovoy
   4/2/14 LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 Will Stage Two New Healthcare and Hospitality Lighting Forums Lisa Bokovoy
   3/31/14 LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 Offers Broadest Product Selection in LFI History Lisa Bokovoy
   2/24/14 LIGHTFAIR® International 2015 Will Take Place in New York Lisa Bokovoy
   12/19/13 LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 Features Largest Conference in History Lisa Bokovoy
   8/12/13 LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 Call for Speakers: Global Invitation to Experts in Diverse Disciplines Lisa Bokovoy
   5/22/13 LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 Breaks All Records Lisa Bokovoy
   4/23/13 LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 Celebrates Innovative Products and Design in Philadelphia Lisa Bokovoy
   4/3/13 LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 Trade Show & Conference Additions & Highlights Lisa Bokovoy
   3/11/13 LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 Offers Industry’s Key Networking & Special Events Lisa Bokovoy
   2/28/13 LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 Features Additions to Institute and Conference Lisa Bokovoy
   2/19/13 LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 Adds Hall F, New Categories and Networking Events Lisa Bokovoy
   1/30/13 LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 Will Take Place In Las Vegas Lisa Bokovoy
   1/9/13 LIGHTFAIR® International Offers World’s Largest Lighting-Related Conference Lisa Bokovoy
   12/19/12 LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 Expands to Largest Trade Show in Its History Lisa Bokovoy
   11/15/12 LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 Introduces Exterior & Roadway Lighting Pavilion Lisa Bokovoy
   11/12/12 LIGHTFAIR® International Grows West: World’s Largest Annual Lighting Event Stages 2016 Trade Show and Conference in San Diego Lisa Bokovoy
   8/9/12 LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 Call For Speakers Now Open Lisa Bokovoy
   6/12/12 LIGHTFAIR® International 2012 Breaks All Records Lisa Bokovoy
   5/9/12 LIGHTFAIR® International 2012 Celebrates Innovative Products and Design in Las Vegas Lisa Bokovoy
   5/1/12 LIGHTFAIR® International 2012 Design Symposia Feature Architects, Designers and Innovators Lisa Bokovoy
   3/22/12 LIGHTFAIR® International 2012 Introduces the New Exhibitor Pavilion and Continues Its Robust Networking & Special Events Schedule Lisa Bokovoy
   2/10/12 LIGHTFAIR 2012 LFI Innovation Awards® Will Recognize Lighting Industry's Most Innovative Products & Designs Lisa Bokovoy
   1/26/12 LIGHTFAIR® International 2012 Keynote Speakers Will Address Technology, Entertainment & Energy Efficiency Lisa Bokovoy
   11/22/11 LIGHTFAIR® International Offers World's Largest Lighting-Related Conference Lisa Bokovoy
   11/15/11 LIGHTFAIR® International Will Take Place in Philadelphia for 2013 Trade Show and Conference Lisa Bokovoy
   11/3/11 LIGHTFAIR® International Already 99 Percent Sold Out For May 2012 Show in Las Vegas Elly McCloud
   8/24/11 LIGHTFAIR® International Calls on Industry Experts for 2012 Educational Program in Las Vegas Melinda Ennis-Roughton
   6/7/11 LIGHTFAIR® International 2011 Breaks All Records Melinda Ennis-Roughton
   5/17/11 LIGHTFAIR International 2011 Opens To Massive Crowds in Philadelphia, Breaks Record Again Kyra Lewis
   5/3/11 LIGHTFAIR International Prepares To Break More Records At 2011 Trade Show and Conference Tara King
   4/12/11 Launch of Mobile App Further Connects Attendees, Exhibitors to LIGHTFAIR International Tara King
   3/29/11 LIGHTFAIR International Lights up Philadelphia On Trade Show Opening Day With Lightfest Tara King
   3/24/11 LFI 2011 Institutes to Feature Acclaimed Keynotes Tapped to Address Architecture, Design Tara King
   3/11/11 LFI Design Symposia Return to Showcase The Impact Of Light On All Industries Tara King
   2/24/11 LIGHTFAIR International Puts the ‘Spotlight’ On Trade Show Floor, Features New Show Keynote Tara King
   2/1/11 LIGHTFAIR International Enhances Platform to Connect Students With Lighting Industry Tara King
   1/20/11 LIGHTFAIR International Exclusive Sponsor for Caba’s Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council Meeting Tara King
   1/4/11 New Offerings Create Largest, Most Diverse LFI Conference In History Tara King
   11/22/10 LFI 2011 Offers Comprehensive Showcase, Launches Building Integration Pavilion for East Coast Show Tara King
   9/17/10 LIGHTFAIR International Jumpstarts 2011 With 97 Percent of Show Floor Sold Out Tara King
   8/11/10 LIGHTFAIR International Calls On Industry Experts for 2011 Educational Program In Philadelphia Tara King
   5/12/10 Innovation Honored at Lighting Industry's Most Celebrated Awards Presentation Tara King
   4/21/10 James Brodrick, Stephen Jones Featured Keynote Speakers at LFI 2010 in Las Vegas Tara King
   4/14/10 Lightfair International Moves to Philadelphia for 2011 Trade Show and Conference Tara King
   3/16/10 Twenty-three Exhibitors Commit to Enhancing Show Experience for LFI 2010 Attendees Tara King
   2/24/10 LIGHTFAIR International's Largest Las Vegas Trade Show Floor 99 Percent Sold Out Tara King
   2/11/10 LIGHTFAIR International Launches Design Symposia, Broadens Educational Programming Tara King
   12/15/09 Lightfair International Expands Renowned Conference Program in 2010 Tara King
   11/19/09 LIGHTFAIR International Launches Building Integration Pavilion, Educational Track Tara King
   9/22/09 LIGHTFAIR International Trade Show Floor Nearly Sold-Out, Readies for 2010 with Pavilion Debuts Tara Tuschinski
   9/2/09 LIGHTFAIR International Calls For Speakers at LFI 2010 in Las Vegas Tara Tuschinski